Must Have Workout Gear

WATER BOTTLE : When you are working out, whether it is outside or in a gym, you need to stay hydrated. The easiest way to stay hydrated is to have that bottle right next to you so you keep reaching for it the entire time you are working out

Workout Gloves : If you will be doing any weight lifting I strongly recommend gloves to protect your hands from getting beat up. If your hands are bothering you during a workout it is more likely you will stop pushing yourself due to discomfort. Amazon Workout Gloves

Properly fitted workout clothes: Your workout clothes don't have to be a fashion statement, but you want to not feel afraid to make movements because of the way your clothes fit. Also you don't want to risk hurting yourself because they are too lose or too tight!

MUSIC : Most people will tell you that music motivates them to keep going, and prevents boredom. Have a station already selected, or a playlist already prepared so you aren't distracted during your workout.

A positive attitude: Are you there trying? If so then be proud of yourself. If you made it to the gym then you are one step closer to being who you want to be. No negativity!

A PLAN: I cannot tell you how many times I have seen people come into the gym and spend half of the time looking around at the machines and weights and picking up something and trying it and then putting it down. DON'T waste your time in the gym not knowing what to do, if you are in the gym then every second should be dedicated to improving yourself.

If you need a workout plan, I am happy to be your coach! There are a lot of videos on youtube with different workouts, but I would definitely suggest getting advice for what your body needs based on your goals.

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