Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How to Get Started on a Life Change!

Ok so you know what health goals you have and you know what it is going to take to achieve them, but you still think to yourself ,"But how do I actually do that?"

I am hoping this post helps clarify that fuzzy part in your mind. First thing to know is to take baby steps. Changing your workout regime overnight and going from 1 day a week to 7 is a bit extreme and you WILL get burnt out! So if your goal is to lose 15 pounds, and you know that working out is needed to achieve that goal first thing to realize is that habits aren't created overnight. Your body didn't become what it is today just over one night, it was over the spans of MANY nights. That is key to remember!

When I was struggling to get past my gluten issues I had to realize my digestion system took years of abuse and so I wasn't going to immediately experience healthier digestion just from eliminating gluten for 1 day, it was going to take several.

So I am a type a personality and so that means I LOVE lists. So I recommend writing a list or making a "dream" board of your goals. Next write the general necessities of achieving that goal, for instance working out. THEN drill down further!

Goal: Lose 15 pounds, gain muscle too
How: Working out
Plan: For week 1 I will go to the gym 3 times for 30 minutes
Workout plan: 30 minutes of HIIT one day, 30 minutes of heavy weights the next, 30 minutes of Yoga

See how specific that is? It makes it easier for you to actually get started. It is easier to visualize actually accomplishing that. Ok what about diet?

Goal: Lose 15 pounds
How: Eating healthier
Plan: Eat clean (all natural, no processed) 80% of the time, and have 3 cheats this week.
Eating plan: Buy natural snacks, eat every 2 hours, meal prep the night before, drink 8 oz of water

If you miss your targets that's OK too. You are definitely closer to your goal by trying to hit something instead of giving a half-hearted effort. Big changes happen through an accumulation of little ones, and so set goals that you can hit, and take those goals week by week. Every week you cut out a soda, or run for 10 minutes or drink tea without sugar is one step closer to transforming your life.

These principles can apply to all aspects of your life. My goal in the past year was to work on my analytical skills and it took small steps to get my thinking to change. I just kept setting new and ATTAINABLE targets for myself, such as reading a new economic article every week. It helped me re-train my brain without burning myself out.

I hope this post has inspired you to go pick up a cork board, write some new goals down and figure out a plan. I am happy to help with meal planning or fitness tips! Reach out to my email if you need any help with your new goals for 2015!


*picture source: http://fitbeliever.tumblr.com/post/46788287572

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