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What is a challenge group:

 A challenge group is a group of people who are all doing a Beach Body program together and use that network to build and motivate each other! The challenge group I am currently in has over 50 women who are posting their recipes, motivational quotes, pictures of their meals, grocery lists and more!

The benefits of doing a challenge group over just buying the Beach Body program yourself? The SUPPORT. You will be surrounded by other people just like you trying to reach their fitness goals. Having those people pop-up on your news feed everyday will help remind you why you signed up and I think it's easier to be motivated!

Also the challenge groups include 30 days of shakeology and that might be the biggest benefit. Shakeology is an amazing way to help kick start a new lifestyle change and a new balanced diet. I want to note that  my use of the term diet is not a short term eating plan but a LIFELONG eating plan. Short term diets are not good for your body, and they won't get you lifelong results. Making a lifelong change to what you eat will benefit you forever.

Shakeology can do that for you! Shakeology is made up of the best superfoods from all over the world and will be your healthiest meal of the day. The ingredients are below:

It would be extremely difficult to get all of these nutrients into your body as efficiently as Shakeology is able to do it!

Below are the different types of challenge groups Beach Body has to offer:

Beach Body has various types of programs depending on your fitness level, goals and preference. I personally love the 21 Day Fix because it is a mix of weights, cardio and yoga.

Other people are more into cardio and so insanity is their preference! I think this table summarizes the different programs well.

If you are looking for 21-30 days of having constant support, meal planning, health tips, new friends, motivation and accountability a challenge group is for you!

We run challenge groups multiple times a month every month so there is always room for 1 more person no matter what package you are interested in.

If you are excited to start a new chapter in your life, contact me:

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