Friday, February 20, 2015

Why I Decided To Be a Beach Body Coach

Growing up I ate whatever I wanted and what I had access to, which neither was healthy. As I got older I thought this was in my benefit since I was so skinny and able to do this without any consequences, or so I thought.

My final 2 years of college I realized I had a severe gluten intolerance as well as many other health issues that seemed to be linked to nutrition. My husband ate very healthy and worked out about 7 days a week. I started to change my habits and eat clean.

Clean eating: Eating natural foods that aren't processed, don't have any added chemicals or preservatives and are generally meats, fruits and veggies.

Changing my eating and exercising changed my life. Suddenly I had more energy, suffered through less depression, had less digestive issues, got sick less, and generally felt like I was given a whole new body. I started researching nutrition like crazy every single day. I wanted to know what facts I should consider, and what myths there were out there. All the fad diets and get skinny quick fads seemed so illogical to me at that point. I started to analyze my diet by thinking of it like this: if I can't tell you what's in it, I won't eat it. This proved to be the best mentality I ever adopted because my potassium deficiency went away, my low iron levels went back to normal, I started having zero cavities (before this I had 26 cavities, all with fillings now!) and I wasn't feeling sick every time I ate.

My diet now is pretty much the same! I go by a 80/20 rule: 80% clean, 20% cheats. By cheats I mean alcohol, candy, soda, cheese enchiladas, you get the point. I think this makes sense because it is a way of life, easy to follow, and isn't so strict you can only do it for 30 days. 

I started training people in college by taking them to the gym, showing them recipes, talking about clean eating and generally just promoting a healthier life. Helping people put me on fire, I loved it.
I knew it wasn't something I wanted to make my full time job because I also enjoy business.

I am a financial analyst for one of the largest oil companies in the world and ENJOY analyzing variances and investigating cost and all that nerdy stuff. I have many sides of myself and the one I want to be the most is the business analyst.

BUT my second choice is being a health coach. Teaching people from my mistakes, showing others how to eat food they like in a healthy way, helping people figure out how to like healthy food, helping build muscle and confidence, it all lights me up.

I work 40-50 hours a week as an analyst and love it, but I want to chase down my passion for helping people and really put some time into it. I joined Beach Body because they have at home programs that people love and see so many great results from. This was perfect for me because it is very time consuming to design workouts for people I trained and I no longer have that sort of time. I do have time though to help people figure out a program that works for them as well as teach them about nutrition.

I joined Beach Body because it was the perfect catalyst for me to help others. I do not want to sell people stuff to make money off of them, frankly my job covers all my financial needs. I want to recommend programs to people so that their lives can change in a positive way. So that they may teach their children or families about the power of being healthy. The financial opportunity is there with Beach Body if that is what you are looking for, but I want to reinvest my earnings BACK into the clients and helping others.

I am so excited to be on fire again, and I hope that I can help others come to life as well!


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